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PEG, The Portable Stove.

Induction cooking on the go.

All the power to cook in the palm of your hand.

Specially designed for on-the-go meals.

Fresh popped Popcorn anywhere.

A hot bowl of Oats to start the day.

Have some delicious Ramen in the afternoon.


Go Anywhere, Cook Anytime

With PEGs patent-pending design, you can take PEG… 

Enjoy that morning coffee without burning fuel or wood.

Have some freshly popped popcorn on that next road trip.

A nice warm bowl of oats as you gaze from the summit.

No need to wait for the microwave; heat your favorite soup right at your desk!

A complete cook-and-eat solution.


Recharging your PEG Stove lithium-ion battery is easy using the USB-C charging port.


PEGs sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to carry or fit in your cup holder or a backpack.


Since PEG cooks with induction, it is cool to the touch while cooking your snack. So no need to worry about burning your hands.

Claim special early bird pricing now. 

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