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Go Anywhere & Cook Anytime!

 PEG, The Portable Stove® is the best way to cook meals and snacks while driving, camping, or at work/school.


A stove so portable, you’ll never have to miss a meal or a snack again.

PEG is a portable induction stove powered by a rechargeable battery and designed to be the most convenient stove on the market.

Small enough to fit in a cup holder or backpack while you’re on the go.

But powerful enough to heat your favorite meal/snack at the push of a button.

V3 Prototype.


Some of PEGs key features:

No Heat:

The Stove stays cool while it heats your favorite meal/snack. So no need to worry about getting burned.


PEG is cordless, allowing you to take it anywhere. It fits in a cupholder or in a backpack, so it’s easy to bring.


PEG recharges with a USB cord, so it doesn’t rely on disposable batteries.

Whether you’re camping, driving, hiking, or at your desk, it works great!

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We’re launching our Indiegogo campaign soon, so stay tuned for more info about pricing, the specs, and the date we’ll be launching.

Questions or suggestions, reach out to us at contact@pegstove.com